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Mr & Mrs Simpson

Project: Full House Renovation.

Dream Space: New family home.


The Project: Mr & Mrs Simpson are a young professional couple with a three year old daughter.  Their dream was to transform their recently purchased property into their new family home.  The 4 bedroom house was in need of extensive refurbishment and modernisation, including a new kitchen, bathroom and yoga studio for Mrs Simpson’s business.

As this was an extensive project a strict budget was applied and close consultation with the clients was applied at all times.  The house was predominately gutted, although care was taken to restore some of the original features (Fire places, Sash + French windows).  The original floor boards were either retained or replaced, then stripped and varnished throughout and the family bathroom was made bigger by redesigning the floor plan.  Existing rooms where demolished and the new layout constructed to meet the clients specific needs.  At the end of the project, all walls and woodwork were stripped back and/or painted, making the home ready to move into.


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25 Wheatfield Drive

Wick St. Lawrence


BS22 9WD

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